A Timecheck is a verbal read out of the time.

JunkRadio UsageEdit

When possible a long form time check should be done at least once per live hour. Shorter time checks can be used throughout the programme where appropriate.

Long FormEdit

The Global nature of JunkRadio should be considered when doing a long form Timecheck. It's recommended that a few representative locations local time, and the time GMT/UTC be read out. The BBC World Service offers many examples of this (usually on the hour)

The term "Eastern time" or "Eastern Standard time" should be avoided without further clarification as this is used in both Australia and the USA: US Eastern/Australian Eastern Time is acceptable, alternatively you way wish to give cities (eg New York and Sydney).

Time checks are often paired with a Station ID and the programme name.

Long Form ExamplesEdit

It's X in Central Europe, Y on the US east coast and Z in Eastern Australia. At T GMT, this is (Programme or presenter) on JunkRadio

The time is X in Berlin, Y in New York, Z in Sydney. Welcome wherever you are to JunkRadio at T GMT.

Short FormEdit

The short form is more appropriate in recorded programming, or as a time update. It just informs of the minutes past the hour.

Short Form ExampleEdit

It's X past the hour, you're listening to (Programme/Presenter) on JunkRadio.

At X past the hour, you're listening to (Programme).