BlackJack is a programme concept for JunkRadio.

BlackJack takes the form of a quiz show, based around the popular casino game. Two or more contestants battle each other to be the days champ and carry over to the next show... However to win a prize, the Contestant must also beat the house.

Programme flow

at the start of the game, each Player is given a "Hole card" that is only revealled to them and the audience. Play starts with the Carryover champ.

The player may choose to hit or stand.

If the player chooses to stand, play moves to the next player
If the player chooses to hit, they are asked another question, and face the same choice if the question is answered correctly

If the player answers incorrectly:

They may choose to stand on their current score
Or they may Double Down, and are asked a second question. If this is answered correctly they get a single extra card. If it is answered incorrectly, they are eliminated.

If the player scores a Blackjack (21 with just the hole card and 1 other)

They may Stand immediately retire on 21

If the players score goes over 21

They are eliminated.

After each player has played.

The highest scoring player wins, if there is just 1.
An Insured BlackJack player beats any other blackjack or 21.
If there is a tie, the highest scoring player who used the most cards wins.
If there still remains a tie, elimination questions are asked.
If no player has "Stood" (or doubled down) with a score of 21 or less, then there is no winner.

The Winner moves to the champions round, where a standard game of blackjack (the casino game) with no questions is played. If the player beats the house, they win the days prize. Either way, they become the carryover champ.